The approach is to create an elegant and sophisticated place of aesthetic inspiration.
Special touches everywhere will keep guests entertained as they bask in blissful “un-attendance.”Groups starting from two guests up to ten can enjoy one building of the Kiya Ryokan all to themselves for a stay with the most freedom that anyone could ever hope for.


The significarce of being "there" from the start.
The possibilities of a new place born by subtracting from what is already "there."


Founded in 1911.Past guests include politicians such as Shinpei Goto and Tsuyoshi Inukai,authors Ryotaro Shiba, Akira Yoshimura, and Hiroyuki Itsuki, and Japanese linguist Haruhiko Kindaichi.
The Ryokan is a two-story wooden building preserving the taste of Hatago-lodgings of the Meiji period.
The Ryokan closed to much regret in 1995.
The Ryokan, left untouched ever since, will be brought back to life in spring 2012 as a new accommodation-type tourist spot.

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